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Budget Money Machine Casino Cash Cube Money Blowing Machine

Budget Money Machine Casino Cash Cube Money Blowing Machine



When clients and prospect start utilizing your budget optimization and debt acceleration service, there is the possibility of remaining hooked forever for the real outcome achieved.
Budget Money Machine enhances an automatic business that assists your clients to speed up the rate of paying their debts while alerting them when what to and how much to pay which, as a margin benefit, will affect their credit score favorably


  • Includes Heavy Duty Carrying Case
  • Blower
  • Framework
  • Vinyl Box
  • 3′ x 4′ x 6.5′


1. choose a leveled area;
2. Spread on ground the red rug that comes with it and place cube at the center of rug;
3. Connect the 280w blower for the frame (tie tightly) and the 1100W blowers for coupons/cash.
4 check to see the zippers at the bottom of two cube are closed; make sure the zipper opening on the front clear door needs to be open prior to inflating the frame; NOTE THAT the paper-blowing blower can only be turned on after player has entered cube; (optional, placing sand bags on the base for better stability;)
5. Once the frame is fully inflated please place lots of coupons/cash inside cube (the more the better);
6. Player can now enter cube; player may not wear shoes or bring sharp objects inside cube; once player is inside please close the zipper door;
7. Turn on the 1100w blower(the cash/coupon blower); it works better in player uses feet to stir the cash/coupons at the bottom and corners;
Rules of play: player can keep a certain number of coupons or the cash bill with the largest value or your own rules;
We can also customize all the characters as your request, please contact with us if you need, we can give you a best offer.
Notice:.No returns for customized item.
One year warranty
Please feel free to contact with us if you have any question.