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Heavy Duty Traveler Cash Cube Money Blowing Machine

Heavy Duty Traveler Cash Cube Money Blowing Machine



Money Blowing Machine would also be great fun at a party. Having one at a family reunion, graduation party, or a wedding would be entertaining and an awesome way to give a gift to everyone invited. The cash machine may be used in the events like fundraising chances to enter the money booth thus can be raffled off, and the currency could be certificates for grocery stores or restaurants.

In most cases, there are first rules that each contestant in the money booth must follow. Such as only grabbing the bills in the air, not being able to scoop from the floor, and not being able to trap the bills against the side of the machine. Other than those things, it’s all “up for grabs” so to speak. See how you can use one to promote your business!

Size: 35″ wide x 39″ deep x 85″ height

WEIGHT: 195 lbs

Coming up with a great product isn’t that difficult for some, while others can effortlessly sell ice to an Eskimo if given that face to face interaction time. However, the challenge exists in getting that interaction time. With hard economic times,
customers want guaranteed results and benefits of theuse of a commodity and that is why most prefer to use tested commodities. So, how do you get that invaluable face time with your customers while they still want guaranteed wins even in promotional and entertainment events? Well, it’s as simple as using hard case money machines.



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